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 ASPIRE2014 Science Scholarships

Gascoyne Region, Western Australia

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ASPIRE2014 Science Scholarships Application Form

ASPIRE2014 Science Scholarship Guidelines1

*Please read eligibility criteria and guidelines carefully.


There are three ASPIRE2014  Science Scholarship categories including:

ASPIRE2014  Merit Scholarship $250 - For Year 10 students enrolling in one or more Year 11 & Year 12 matriculation units in science or mathematics, and enrolled in a Gascoyne school during 2015. The award is $250 per annum for a duration of 2 years.

ASPIRE2014  Encouragement Award $500 - For Years 6 or 7 students who excel in science or mathematic and will be enrolled in a Gascoyne school during 2015. The award is $500, single payment.

Dowling Giudici Bursary $1,000 - For externally enrolled university students currently enrolled in a science, mathematics or engineering degree. The award is $1,000, single payment.

MORE INFO or 99411 999

 Closing Date?   12 Noon on Monday 19 September 2014 


This regional education support is proudly served by Dowling Giudici+Assoc. Various partners join this program on an annual basis and in 2014, valued support is kindly being offered by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. We also respectfully acknowledge the support of Dr David Malin in launching this year’s scholarship program. Dr Malin is a distinguished and inspiring role model who started his career as a chemist and found his passion in astronomy. Last but most importantly, we salute Australian born Astronaut Dr Andy Thomas and thank him for presenting the winners of this year’s awards. 

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